5 Weed Accessories Every Cannabis User Must Have

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Source: Zips Cannabis

If you are into cannabis and constantly look for ways to improve your experience, I am sure you have tried the different kinds of weed accessories available in the market. Whether you like the traditional and old school method of smoking weeds or prefer the more modern style, here are some of the best weed products that every cannabis user must-have. 

  • Bong Bowls

For the ardent weed smokers, the bong bowls present the most exciting smoking experience. There are several advantages associated with smoking with the help of a bong. For example, the water filters the resulting smoke to give you a smooth and clean hit. The cooler and smoother the hits, the more enjoyable they are. For the bongs to work in the right fashion, you need to have a compatible bong bowl and the level of compatibility depends on the shape and size of the bowls.

  • Glass Drop Down Adapters

These are excellent weed products that help in protecting your dab rigs or bongs. They are also useful in making your smoke sessions more enjoyable and comfortable. The purpose of using a glass drop down is to move the heat away from you so that the bongs joints don’t get damaged due to frequent heating. The drop-down adapters are also useful in moving the nail farther away from the face so that you don’t hurt yourself. With the drop-down adapters, you can also the different joint sizes to switch between the different accessories with ease. You can choose from the different types (male or female joints) and a wide range of sizes such as 10mm, 14mm or 18mm.

  • Downstems

This is an important bong attachment piece which can be used to fit into the joint on a water pipe. It helps in pushing the smoke from the bowl piece into the water chamber to cool down the smoke before reaching your system. However, all types of water pipes do not need downstems, but there are many straight tube bongs and straight tube bongs that need them. The downstems for bongs are available in different sizes so it’s essential for you to know what size fits your water pipe snugly. If you get one that’s too long or short, it won’t give you proper diffusing and filtration results. If you are looking for a place to buy downstems, check the sites that sell weed accessories

  • Herb Grinders

These are useful accessories that come handy in shredding the herbs into easy to use and smokable form. The herbs are available in all styles, shapes, and sizes, however, it’s not possible to smoke them without breaking into smaller forms. After adding the herbs to the grinder, the most important step is to twist it until you get the shapes you desire. While this may appear like a pretty simple weed accessory, there are several reasons why you may want to use a grinder. They may be made of different materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. They may also have hidden collection chambers that are used for collecting kief and other vital parts of the herb.

  • Bong Cleaning Supplies

The smokers know that there’s nothing better than a clean and nice pipe that gives smooth hits. With the essential bong cleaning supplies at your disposal, you can ensure that you get stronger yet cleaner hits every time, without any taste of ash. Check out the online dispensary in Canada that sell weed products to fins cleaning kits and supplies of all shapes, styles, and sizes.

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